SAAS Delivery and Cloud Computing

Your business partner
for the long run.

According to several research studies - cost savings, in-house skill shortages and growing emphasis on business-advancing applications will drive enterprises to outsource nearly 70 percent of their IT infrastructure by 2018; As mentioned by Savvis President (NYSE: CTL) -"businesses will adopt a strategic mix of colocation, managed-hosting and cloud services"

Leveraging out on our vast IT knowledge we have created a series of services offered to our clients which are necessary to implement in order to stay competitive in today's fast growing economy. We will make you more successful by managing your technology and information needs so you can focus on your strategic imperatives to drive bottom-line improvements. Fibo will work closely with you either through on-site or remote support to achieve the ideal IT infrastructure to keep you ahead of your competitors.

In today's fast-paced world, with companies relying on technology to operate on a daily basis and provide their clients with a quality and reliable service, Fibo Consulting comes to you to help you solidify your IT corporate structure. This frees you to concentrate on what you do best, your own business.

Fibo is committed to providing your company with a strong and reliable back office for your employees, and an easy-to-manage, completely secure client access. In addition, even if there is a power outage, flood or fire, you need not be concerned as simultaneous servers will immediately take over without interruptions.

Fibo Consulting also serves as a corporate and government-consulting firm for the implementation of systems and technological developments. Through affiliates and a number of certified and specialized consultants in different areas, we cover from Feasibility Studies, to Support and Technical Revision of IT, Enterprise Networks, Evaluation and Implementation of Non-Intrusive Equipment for borders and ports, Supply Chain and Process Analysis in Ports, Technological Integration and Architecture, National Security Equipment and Systems, Strategic Analysis and Internal Consulting, Digitalization and Encryption of Documents, and more.

Let us do what we know best, so you can concentrate on what you do best.