SAAS Delivery and Cloud Computing

Your business partner
for the long run.

Who We Are

Fibo Consulting is a company leader in the IT arena. It started operations in 1999 in the Boston, MA area providing general IT support to small and medium businesses. In 2007 the company relocated to Florida and now provides its support around the U.S and Latin America. It has integrated a variety of service offerings essential to stay connected, secure and on top of competitors.

We are your IT infrastructure solution, we are the partner that speaks your language and brings you the best technolgy for your company. We commit 100% to our clients until projects have been closed and passed our quality control inspection. We stand for commitment and quality to our clients while always using the best available technologies in a cost efficient matter.

What We Do

FiboConsulting's expertise in the service industry; healthcare, government, and banking among others; has helped us identify technology needs that were being neglected thus preventing companies from becoming fully effective and efficient. We have a strong record in creating and implementing strategic technology based processes that increase the overall performance of businesses. By understanding the specific needs of each industry we customize viable solutions that will allow for a better optimization within the IT department.

We are not only an Information Technology Services company, we understand the core of the enterprise and design solutions that enable businesses to perform at their best.Our mission is to allow companies to achieve their full potential by maximizing their IT infrastructure through a secure, viable and cost effective solution. Understading our clients needs and where they are headed is our platform to reach sustainable strategies. Our team will provide continous onsite or remote assistance through out the process, as well as educational and training sessions for your IT staff.