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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Why is a business continuity plan so important? It is necessary to the success of your business because it allows you to continue bringing in revenue while serving your customers in an efficient way. Most companies tend to have a big bang approach when it comes to dealing with their business continuity plan. Fibo Consulting will focus its effort in providing a viable solution that takes into consideration all aspects of your business line in a modular fashion. Disaster recovery plans are not technical in nature; above all it is the requirement to bring back into a functional state all revenue generating systems. Policies and procedures will be used in order to have a consistent execution plan that can be relied on at the time of need.

Key metrics-like Recovery Time Objective (RTC) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) will be defined and tested against to continually measure the efficacy of the solution.

In a recent survey it was measured that 57% of small business have no disaster recovery plan. This shows an increment compared to the previous year. Best practice dictates that 6% of your company’s IT budget be directed to a Business Continuity strategy.

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