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General IT

Leveraging on our vast IT knowledge we have developed multiple services aimed at keeping our clients competitive in today's fast growing economy. We contribute to our clients success by managing their technology and information needs so they may focus on their strategic imperatives to drive bottom-line improvements. Fibo Consulting works closely with its clients either through on-site or remote support to achieve the ideal IT infrastructure that provides them a competitive edge over competitors.

  • Backup Recovery
  • Open Source Support
  • Networking
  • VMWare
  • XEN
  • Server Virtualization
  • Capacity Planning
  • Infrastructure Solutions
  • Audits - Policies and Procedures

Budgeting & Licensing

We identify, quantify, and eliminate unexpected and unwanted compliance risks before software vendors announce an audit. By performing an internal audit first, Fibo Consulting will provide the right tool set and information to have successful audits.

Microsoft earns billions of dollars each year selling software licenses for products such as Windows and Office. If you are running a business of any size, chances are you're a Microsoft customer; but unless you're an expert negotiator, there's a good chance you're paying too much for Microsoft licenses. The ever-changing landscape of licensing is causing confusion in the industry as you lay out your IT strategy. Licensing is an important piece of the puzzle.

We provide a strategic approach to IT budgeting. IT budgeting can be complicated, specifically when the Finance department does not understand what and why items are being budgeted the way they are. Only after gaining an understanding of both the short and long-term goals, can a company be successful in making the right investment decisions.

Licensing management

Microsoft, Oracle, Veem and others.

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