SAAS Delivery and Cloud Computing

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SAAS Delivery and Cloud Computing

Complex applications require skilled talent to assure optimum performance. All applications need to be coordinated in infrastructure, hardware, middleware, application software and configurations.

We help you define which if any; cloud system works best for your company. We will integrate the Cloud system that has been elected with the existing local resources, this is extremely important as data residing in different locations need to be all in synch in a structured and organized way to ensure it's usefulness.

This provides on demand network access to end users via standard platforms, and access to all your data when you need it. An example of this would be to tie your Ticketing system with your CRM (Client Relationship Manager), allowing you to query your customer records from the hosted ticketing systems. These types of integrations let your company take advantage of the hosted resources and at the same time provide ease of accessibility to your customers and employees.

Software as a Service (SAAS) and Cloud offerings allow for customers to focus on their core competencies while outsourcing some of your IT infrastructure. Your business will take advantage of best practices and area experts. This sounds like a great proposition until you find yourself with current un-depreciated capital investments and no actual road map to take advantage of these offerings. We specialize in creating and implementing a strategy that will allow customers to migrate to these systems in a phased approach.

  • Migrate infrastructure and services to the cloud in a secure way
  • Build a coherent cloud infrastructure with redundancy in mind using cloud providers.
  • Mixture of internal hosting as well as cloud computing

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