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Who we are

Fibo Consulting is a company leader in the IT arena. It started operations in 1999 in the Boston, MA area providing general IT support to small and medium businesses. In 2007 the company relocated to Florida and now provides its support around the U.S and Latin America. It has integrated a variety of service offerings essential to stay connected, secure and on top of competitors.

Leveraging with our vast IT knowledge, we have developed multiple services aimed at keeping our clients competitive in today's fast growing economy. We contribute to our clients’ success by managing their technology and information needs so they may focus on their strategic imperatives to drive bottom-line improvements. Such needs encompass some of the following issues and answers to questions: Does your company following the regulations needed for industry standards? Is your company secure? Do you have all your company information backed up in a secure interface with a recovery plan in case something goes wrong? Do you have the optimal technology for your business and is your staff trained to get the most out of it? We address and make available to you all of these subjects and more. At Fibo we work closely with our clients either through on-site or remote support to achieve the ideal infrastructure that provides them a competitive edge over competitors.